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Energy Hub Systems gain the Australian Made and Owned tick of approval

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After going through the full review process we are very excited to announce that our Energy Hub Systems have been given the tick of approval to bare the Australian Made and Owned logo. These units are available in a number of standard configurations, however; we can also customise a system to meet your requirements.

Benefits of using an Energy Hub System.

  1. All electronic systems are enclosed within a certified electrical cabinet
  2. Creepy crawlies are kept away from sensitive electrical items such as circuit boards in inverters
  3. Cooling systems are included to help maintain a cool temperature within the cabinets ensuring electrical devises are correctly maintained. These can be roof mounted fans or air conditioning
  4. Heating devices can also be installed when going into extreme cold environments
  5. Come with complete system monitoring and internet connection as optional extra

If you are interested in one of our EnergyHub systems please get in touch with us today!

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