About Us

Owners Simon & Pauline pride themselves of providing and delivering high quality systems and customer service.With a strong focus on customer service they will work through the entire process from conception to installation and aftercare service with you.


All systems come with electrical certification.



Our systems are designed & manufactured with end user safety in mind. All components used in our systems are Australian certified for use in Grid / Off Grid systems.


All of our systems & products come with full manufacturer warranty & workmanship is fully guaranteed. System installations are fully covered via our installers workmanship certification.


Following on the back of a successful career managing business’s for other organisations, in 2015 Simon set about building his own identity with the launch of Overland Touring Solutions.

The business focused on power supply solutions for the RV and Marine markets as well as the Off Grid Industry. Having secured the support of companies like Victron Energy by becoming a Distributor for them, they were able to incorporate this and other high quality product into their builds and deliver proven solutions for their clients.

Moving forward to March 2020 when Covid-19 began impacting on the economy, we were faced with the dilemma of a sharp decline in the RV and 4X4 business. After consulting with others and speaking to their clients within the Off Grid Market it was decided to turn their focus and efforts into the Off Grid Segment. In April 2020 Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions was born with the view of helping people achieve their goals of living Off the grid. We did not want to be just a company that offered energy solutions. We wanted to offer more. Through extended research and discussions with alternate suppliers and manufactures the company can now supply high end water filtration systems and storage, composting toilet systems, Solar air conditioning solutions and Inverter Generator units fir for commercial purpose.


One on one customer service is what Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions are known for.

When you contact the company, you will speak to the owners, not just a sales person. If you have an issue that needs addressing, you speak directly with them and they see to it that your issue or concern is addressed in a timely manner.  If you have a project that you are looking for support on, they will draw on there wealth of support to ensure you receive the very best level of service  and product to meet your needs.


Take a journey through one of our recent customer’s eyes on what it’s like working with Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions.

We’ve been living off grid since buying the property 5 years ago, and there’s been a lot of challenges and sacrifices. When I say off grid I mean using 12 volt camping fridges with a portable solar panel and a battery powering each of them, and running a small generator each night to top up the fridge and freezer batteries with individual chargers, and run a couple of lights,  a small TV, and charge up our phones.

The “dwelling” has so many air gaps that we can’t even keep frogs and snakes out, let alone the wind so in winter when the wind blows it’s like living in a fridge, and in summer it’s like an oven. We’ve had 5° in my bedroom in winter, and 44° in summer. No grid power so we’ve been limited to around 1600 watts of power from the generator, so no heaters and no air-con. Also no pressure pump for water so we’ve been limited to gravity feed pressure via a 70 metres or so of black poly pipe then runs from a tank up the hill a bit, and we have no water heater either (other than that pipe which in summer heats the water too much to be able to shower in).

I jokingly tell people we have hot and cold running water, but not at the same time.

Enough background – like I said, challenges and sacrifices.

So when sufficient funds were finally available I started researching what was currently available in full battery-backup off grid solar electric systems. Once I knew basically what I was after I started ringing around to get some quotes. The 2 biggest towns in the region are Gympie, a bit under an hour way, and Kingaroy which is a bit over an hour away. As this only gave a couple of options for suppliers I phoned around a little further afield, mainly just to see if there would be much price variation.

I am SO glad I did! This is when I first contacted Simon and Offgrid Lifestyle Solutions, based almost 2 hours away in Hervey Bay.

Of the other suppliers I contacted, one never ended up getting back to me with an actual quote, despite me sending a reminder email, one was very busy telling me what I wanted and not listening to what I needed, and one just seemed ‘vague’ about everything and kept referring me to manufacturers websites.

Simon on the other hand provided a quote that was more inclusive and more detailed than any of the others. We spoke a couple of times on the phone, changed a couple of things around a little, and ended up designing exactly the system that I wanted and needed.

As the roof of my dwelling was tree shrouded and not up to scratch for mounting panels on, I then had to shop around for a steel roof to hold the panels. This roof was to stand over 2 x 20 foot freight containers and the space between them (7 x 10 metres all up) and provide a safe and sunny location for the complete system to be installed.

So …. more phone calls and online enquiries. Only one of the online enquiries even earned me a return call, but they were unwilling to install a roof without support posts at the 5 metre midpoint. As this would prevent parking a car / trailer / etc between the containers I didn’t want that, so was told they could not help me. In the end, out of 6 enquiries I made I received just one quote: $5700 to supply the materials in kit form, or $12,500 fully installed.

I had already mentioned to Simon that I had to get the roof in place before the panels could be installed, during one of his follow up calls he asked if I would like him to give me a quote for the roof as well. Yep, why not! 

Again, I am SO glad I did.

The quote from Offgrid Lifestyles Solutions came in less than a thousand above the “kit only” quote I’d received elsewhere, but Simon’s quote was for a FULLY INSTALLED roof, roughly half the price of the other company.

So yes, in the end Simon and his team had the steel materials for the roof delivered onsite in advance, they came down from Hervey Bay and in one day fully installed the 7 x 10 metre roof with foil ‘bubble wrap’ sheet insulation, despite some horrendous winds, finishing up literally at sunset. Then they came back on another day, with the system cabinet that Simon had pre-configured and the Lithium Phosphate batteries, and installed that and the solar panels on the roof structure.

I have literally EVERYTHING I wanted, all brand new, all good quality gear, supplied and installed by a team of hard working guys who are lead by a keen and dedicated bloke who worked with me every step of the way, and thanks to the remote monitoring option on the off grid system (I can check the current status and statistical history of the system from anywhere via the net) Simon also checks the system periodically to make sure everything is ok.

(He recently sent me a screenshot showing the system with an AC load of over 1900 watts with the  comment  “Pulling the current buddy”.  This must have been me cooking a pizza in 12 minutes with my new 1800w Air fryer oven.  ?

Life is SO different now, but it’s the little things that everyone else takes for granted that have made life so much easier now:

If it’s hot I can just turn on a fan, and not have to weigh that up against the fuel cost of running the generator.

If I want to reheat some food I can just zap it in the microwave, which is faster and cleaner than running a gas oven for 10 to 15 minutes or putting things in a pan of some sort and sticking it on a burner. (Yes, I bought a new microwave too)

If I want to watch a bit of TV during the day, I can!

I can also run my 9” angle grinder, or an arc welder, or air con, or anything else that simply COULD NOT OPERATE AT ALL off an economical little 1600 watt generator.

Thank you Simon, thank you Offgrid Lifestyle Solutions, for making my life off grid less challenging, and quite a lot more comfortable and convenient.

Steve Devine